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Pablo S24 1981 NA Jacques-Andre Montreal, Canada
Skal S24 1981 XFR24035M81J Hery Hintze Halifax ,Nova Scotia ,Canada
Blew Bayou S24 1982 XFR24051M82A Howard Price Venice, Florida
Summer Wind S24 1981 XFR24032M81H Harry Hudson, WI
Cabina Del Mar S24 1982 XFR24047M82A Mike Smuck Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Athena S245 1984 NA Paul Colonial Beach, VA
Cheap Thrils S245 1984 XFR24573M84B Jon Redifer Perryville, MD
Blue Jeanne S245 1982 XFR2459M82 Steve Athey Alexander City, AL
Degli Amici S245 1981 NA Waller Harbor Springs, MI
Gizmo S245 1984 NA Steve Brothers Soddy Daisy, TN
No Name Yet S245 1982 XFR24541M82H Mark Pieruccini Chesapeake Bay
Full Tilt S245 1984 XFR24577M84H Martin Free Upper Chesapeake Bay
Papillon S245 1984 XFR24565M83G Paul Shoaps Tampa, FL
Ragtop Day S245 1982 NA Dan & Jenny Petticord Sandusky, OH
Rock & Roll S245 1979 NA Lee Wattenbarger Lake Michigan
Sam Same S245 1986 NA Tom Sclafani Bucks County PA
Sharon M II S245 1984 XFR24568M84A Hugh MacRae Rehoboth Bay Sail Club
Amphora S245 1984 XFR24572M84F Ron Lambert Ocean Gate, NJ
Spellbinder S245 1984 NA Dave Strouse Bucks County Pa
UNKNOWN S245 1984 XFR24571M84E Ron Snipes NA
Gizmo S245 1984 NA Barkley&Rhonda Epperson Chickamauga Lake
A.F.T. S245 1983 NA Rick and Melissa Barnes Muskegon Michigan
NattyBoht S245 1979 NA Graham Day St. Mary's City, MD
The Hour Tour S245 1982 XFR24521M82B
CASINO S245 1983 NA Jacksonville, FL
Optimistic S245 1979 NA Vernon Ogrodnek Somers Point, NJ
Dock Potato S245 1978 NA Brian and Kathy SAN DIEGO, CA
SEDNA S245 1982 NA Don Aransas Pass TX.
Herbie II S25 1979 NA Kyle Nevins Black Rock Harbor Bridgeport, CT
Chasing Sky S25 1979 XFR25180M79L Curtis Burke Point Venture, TX
Aisling S25 1978 NA Doug LaVerne Concord, TN
Alias S25 1978 NA ordan Brown, Larry Lagattuta Georgetown, MD
Attitude S25 1978 XFR25017M78E Ron Draper Nashville, TN
Babs S25 1979 XFR25131M79C Marcia Berkeley, CA
Blown Away S25 1980 XFR25214M80C Michael & Amy Clore Sarasota, FL
Chico Mano S25 1979 NA Vicente G. Pimienta Salinas, Puerto Rico
Crazy Horse S25 1978 XFR25098M78A Jim Atcheson Coyote Point, CA
Current Affair S25 1982 XFR25263M828 Colin Willett Annapolis,MD
Daria S25 1979 XFR25116M79A Jeff Geier, Julie Pampuch New Rochelle, NY
Emily Catherine S25 1978 XFR25046M78H Captain Rancid Cambridge, MD
Flora Louise S25 1978 XFR25056M78I Roberta Monell Portsmouth, VA
Gypsy Wind S25 1978 NA Thomas District of Columbia
Heartbeat S25 1979 NA Hector Mujica Harge Yacht Yard, Galesville, MD
Leverage S25 1978 NA Theresa Brown North East, MD
Ataraxia S25 1979 XFR25029M78F Joshua Chambers Bowie, MD
Cricket S25 1981 XFR25265V81B Jim Gariepy DeBary, FL
NOSNO S25 1980 XFR25212M80C Mike Holt Panama City, FL
noname S25 1979 NA Larry Paguandas Sudbury, Ontario
Opus S25 1979 NA Chris Sneed Belews Creek, NC
Pixie S25 1979 NA Rob Mackin Sprite Island CT
Porto S25 1979 NA Luc Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada
SAS S25 1979 XFR25165M79J Mike Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Seadog S25 1980 XFR25227M80E Mike Parker Seaford, VA
APOCALYPSO S25 1978 NA Paul and Debbie Ackerman Eagle Mountain Lake
Tachyon S25 1978 XFR25057M781 Paul Canfield Fairport Harbor, Ohio
TIKI TIME S25 1979 NA RJ Foster Knoxville, TN
Two Sheets to the Wind S25 1978 NA Robert Vanderbes Greenwich, CT
Yesterday's Dream S25 1979 XFR25181M79L Ken Brandt Sheboygan, WI
Bandit S25 1978 NA Doug Haveman  Holland, Michigan
Penguin Girl S25 1979 NA Jonathan Smith Norfolk, VA
not yet named S25 1982 NA Bill Sobers Port Royal sound or Tybee Island areas.
Roxie S25 1980 XFR25051M78H Saint John, NB (Canada)
Valhalla S25 1980 XFR25228M80E Lee Maidoff East Chop, MA
The Mr. Beaumont S25 1980 XFR25211M80C Bill Di Carlo Piermont NY
Tim Cup S25 1980 NA George de la Vergne Annapolis, MD
Illusion's S25 1979 XFR25135M79C Dave Miles miles86@cox.net
Pure Energy S25 1980 XFR252209M80C David M. Sovis Harrison Township, MI
Valhalla S25 1981 NA Louis Hall East Chop MA
Fog's Folly S25 1980 XFR25237M80H Kevin Fogarty Oak Island,NC
Rioja S25 1982 NA Dorota and Lukasz Gdansk, POLAND
Wet Dream Maker S25 1979 NA Allen Haile Treasure Isand, FL
The Fatty Blunt S25 1980 NA Cadet Kavanagh Woods Hole, MA
Kolibri S25 1981 NA Loic Le Guen Lake Travis, Texas
Little Miss Magic S25 1980 NA Joe Rathert Norman, OK
Scout S25 1979 XFR25140M79D Alan Price New Haven, CT
Chimera S25 1980 NA Richard Failing Oak Orchard, NY
Breakaway S25 1980 NA David Croce City Island, NY
Dalliance S295 1984 XFR29518M84 Vince Benn Newtown, PA
Fidget II S295 1985 NA Michelle Parker Ondrey Marina del Rey, CA
Galilean S295 1983 NA Reid Hutchinson St. James City, FL
Hark Hark S295 1983 NA Waller Chicago, IL
Ilira S295 1983 XFR29516M83F Keith McKenney Annapolis, MD
Lisa Marie S295 1986 XFR29549C686 Scott Vernon Baltimore, MD
Lyrae S295 1986 XFR29544M86G Scott Flynn Fair Haven NJ
Virgil S295 1985 NA Bill Millar NA
One Fine Day S295 1984 XFR29520M84B Wes Bellamy Elizabeth City, NC
See-ya Again S295 1984 XFR29533M85J Jim Thompson Washington, NC
WindChaser S295 1984 NA McNulty Lake Belton, TX
Blown Aweigh S295 1983 XFR29512M83B Mark Donielson Harsens Island Michigan
Serenity S295 1985 XFR29540M85C Frank Azzollini Cambridge, MD
Vamoose S295 1984 XFR2962FM84H Lamar Wingate Port Dalhousie, Ontario
Black Pearl S295 1986 XFR29550D686 SULLY FORKED RIVER, NJ
Ripple S295 1983 NA Paul M Folly Beach, SC
Jann S299 1979 NA Marie-Annick & Jacques North Hero Marina, Lake Champlain
ACapella S299 1979 XFR29092M79K Sebastien Mucherie Harbor Hill Detroit, MI
Arundell S299 1980 NA Ace Steele, Jean Steele, First Mate Somers, Montana
2nd Wind S299 1979 NA Ken Christenson Hilton Beach, ON, Canada
Allez S299 1979 NA Joseph Dougherty Chicago,IL, Burnham Harbor
Barra S299 1980 NA
Brigadoon S299 1979 XFR29084M79J Roger Aspinwall & mate Kimberly Cagle Lake Sydney Lanier, GA
Flyaway S299 1979 NA Mac Smith Jacksonville, FL
Gambit S299 1979 XFR299013M79D Martin Cox Kemah, TX
Goodtimes II S299 1979 XFR29098M79L Wiliam Kearney Nyack, NY
The Lazy Walrus S299 1979 XFDR29009M79 Mike Dawicki Milwaukee WI
Impetuous S299 1979 XFR29089M79K Frederick J Melick Sandusky Ohio
IndianSummer S299 1979 NA Mike Pimental Westport, MA
Island Babies S299 1980 NA Mike Calvert Wilmington, NC
Jeannot S299 1981 NA Francois Senecal-Tremblay Lake St Louis, Montreal, Canada
JoWhiCo S299 1979 NA Russ & Teresa Reed Charleston, SC
Kaizen S299 1979 XFR29028M79E Mark Taylor Baltimore, MD
Kristylynn S299 1979 NA Alton Smith Daytona Beach, FL
March Baby S299 1980 XFR29117M80B Richard Stoner Wilmington, NC
Marriah S299 1979 NA Tom Tarpon Springs, FL
Naked Time S299 1979 NA Jeffrey Morris Port Republic, MD
Nomad111 S299 1979 NA Chris Arnold Edgewater, MD
Passing Wind S299 1983 NA Mark Hyde Ventnor City
Seefest S299 1977 NA Ira Perry Padanaram, MA
Not on Call S299 1979 XRF29026M79E David Crisler Lynn Creek Marina Lake Joe Pool, TX
Playseabeau S299 1980 XFR29112V80A James Sollers Anacortes, Washington
Pretty Much S299 1979 XFR29068M79 DJ McCabe Sanford, FL
SeeBee S299 1979 XFR29047M79C Colin Henderson Atlanta, Georgia
Sojourner S299 1979 NA Richard King North Star Sail Club Lake St Clair Michigan
Swansong S299 1980 XFR29122M80B Len & Debbie Swanson Kemah, TX
Sweet Dream S299 1979 NA
Mary Mac S299 0 NA Greg Hladky Charlestown, MD
Starfish S299 1980 XFR29088M79K Peter Reynolds Quispamsis NB Canada
MAYFAIR S299 1980 XFR29118M80J Matt Johnson Galveston, TX
Southern Comfort S299 1979 NA Jack Klopf Baton Rouge,LA & Mandeville,LA
Wahoo S299 1979 XFR29081M79J Andre' & Kathy Landry Yarmouth, Maine
Falcon S299 1979 NA Titos Mouskis Larnaca, Cyprus
Luna Viga S299 1979 NA Scott Long Beach California
Shark Bait S299 1979 NA Bonnie Ellington New Orleans, LA
White Cloud S299 1979 NA Dan Burnstein Marsh Harbour, Abacos Bahamas
Crackers S299 1978 NA Jim Hilton Tiverton, RI
Boo Radley S30 1972 NA Milford, CT
Daydreams S30T 1986 XFR30088M86H David Burk Spring Grove, PA
Anna Rita S30T 1980 XFR30011M79D Rich Mouzakes Mt.Sinai, NY
Not Named S30T 1980 NA Alfred Provencher New Brunswick, Canada
Catherine Anne S30T 1981 NA Lance Brasher Annapolis, Maryland
Fantasea S30T 1984 NA James Scott Sea Cliff, NY
Frivolous S30T 1980 NA Lee Marinelli Middle River, Baltimore, MD
Igo S30T 1981 XFR30041M81D Richard Allisson marina de la chaudier que city canada
Kudzu S30T 1984 XFR30075M84C Paul Wilson Oakville, Canada
Leekaboo S30T 1980 NA Bonita and Scott Risley Snug Harbor, Atlantic City, NJ
Meralor S30T 1982 XFR30056M82A Jukka Jumisko Oyster bay
Mermaid's Charm S30T 1977 DBB002370477 Joe & Sharon Phillips Virginia Beach, Lower Chesapeake Bay
Mo`Agra (my love) S30T 1981 NA
Pride and Joy S30T 1984 XFR30083M84J Jack W. Paulk, Rome Sailing Club, Leesburg, AL
130-B S30T 1984 XFR30072M84A Frank Eggert California, MD
Second Wind S30T 1980 NA Stephen Parfet Newport, RI
Trouvaille S30T 1980 XFR30013M80E Larry Connolly Nahant, MA
Two Bucks S30T 1982 NA Bill and Terry Reinhart Tolchester, MD
Vita Brevis S30T 1983 NA Chris Ferro Annapolis, MD
Windbag S30T 1980 XFR30018M80F Phil McIntosh Toronto, Ontario, Canada
SPORT S30T 1984 NA Glenn Sutton Annapolis, MD
FlagShip S30T 1981 XFR30026M81H Michael J. Cronin Castleton-on-Hudson, NY
Sea Pearl S30T 1984 NA terry karlson Stevensville, MD
I Dream of Gini S30T 1984 NA Occoquan, VA
Diabilto S30T 1981 NA Frank Solis New York
Wicked Windy S30T 1983 XFR30069M83G Branch Taylor Solomons, MD
Amber Waves S30T 1984 NA Simon Feavearyear Pompano Beach, Florida
Hullabaloo S34 1984 XFR34018M82E Grant Webber Liverpool Nova Scotia
Promises S34 1985 XFR34034M85L Fred Kellermann Gregg Neck Boat Yard, Galena, MD
Matchmaker S34 1985 XFR34035M85L Will Sirois and Sandra Miller; Marblehead Harbor, Marblehead, MA
Miss Smoochi S34 1986 XFR34037M86E
Second Love S34 1985 XFR34033M85L John Brysacz Indian Rocks Beach, FL
Victory I S34 1984 XFR34029M84G Paul Grayce Blue Hill, ME
Windward S34 1982 XFR34012M82B David Bangasser Port Charlotte, FL
Blitz S34 1984 XFR34030M84H Neal Highlands, NJ
Cheers S34 1984 NA Jack Grewe Middle River, MD
Rockin C's S34 1986 NA Petey Rozands Metairie, LA
Bright Eyes S37 1985 NA Joey, Christine Bigsby Annapolis, MD
Elan S37 1981 NA Gary Shaw Solomons, Maryland
Dutchess S37 1981 XFR37043M81L Mike & Cora Burke Richmond County Yacht Club Staten Island
Moonraker S37 1982 NA Nathan Needell Sarasota, FL
Harmonie S37 1983 NA Anne-Marie Lorion Miami
IWI S37 1980 XFR37037M80G Robert Williams Gibraltar
Jazztime II S37 1980 NA Bill Pawcatuck Ct.
Lady Simcoe S37 1982 NA Gord Zimmerman Lagoon City, Ontario, Canada
Janus S37 1984 XFR37078M85L Carl & Wanda Sandele New Bern NC
Moondance S37 1980 XFR37040M80 David Strojny North East, MD
Impetuous S37 1980 NA David Utzschneider, Anchorage Marina Baltimore, MD.
Sunri II S37 1984 XFR3707584B WH Kittredge Fort Myers, FL
Tranquility S37 1981 NA Adrian Phillips UK, Bahamas & Caribbean
Trinity S37 1985 XFR37077M85B Daniel Tonner Sassafras Harbor Marina, Georgetown, MD
Risque S37 1980 XFR37026M80F Capt. Jim Leiter HVYC Toledo, OH
Roundhouse S37 1980 NA Vincent Southampton N.Y.
Kerry Lady S37 1981 NA Ed Dabolt Deale, MD
Able Mabel S37 1980 XFR37027M80F Robert Joseph Glaser Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Double Bruyn S37 1981 NA Jon and Paul van der Horst Bruyn Auckland, New Zealand
TBA_1 S37 1980 NA Don Pearl, Leslie Mills Thunder Bay Canada
Roxy S37 1980 NA Richard Titusville FL
Knightlife S37 1981 NA Hank Smith Sr. Miami
Edelweiss S37 1980 XFR37012M80A J. David Outtrim Delaware City, DE
Northern Star S37-C 1980 RBTI69350280 Safe Harbor Boys Home Jacksonville, Florida